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Network Pathologies  10.2.03

"Networked technology provides new global actors the means to traverse political, economic, religious, and cultural boundaries, changing not only how war is fought and peace is made, but making it ever more difficult to maintain the very distinction of not only accidental, incidental, and intentional acts but war and peace itself..." Read | Discuss

Analysis  11.18.03

Towards a Virtual Body Politic?
Seán Molloy, InfoTechWarPeace
"In the frontispiece of the 1651 edition of Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, the illustrator graphically represents Hobbes’ conception of the perfect Commonwealth. Looming over the horizon is a vast figure..." 11.18.03 Read | Discuss
Hacktivism's Past and Future
Geert Lovink
Can hackers be ethical? Can the inherent playfulness of hacking be reconciled with a serious political platform? Will hacktivism just launch a spiral of attacks and counter-attacks, making it as a movement less and less relevant? Geert discusses hacktivism. 4 mins 44 secs. 8.3 MB. 6.16.03 Watch | Discuss
Clippings  11.20.03
Blackout Report Blames Ohio
Richard Pérez-Peña and Matthew L. Wald @ New York Times
"The largest blackout in North American history was set off by a series of human and computer failures at an Ohio power company, where workers could not act to halt an escalating crisis because they did not even know it existed..." 11.20.03 Read | Discuss
Report on Blackout Is Said to Describe Failure to React
Matthew L. Wald @ New York Times
"A report on the Aug. 14 blackout identifies specific lapses by various parties, including FirstEnergy's failure to react properly to the loss of a transmission line, people who have seen drafts of it say..." 11.11.03 Read | Discuss
Rapid Rise of the Economy of Terror
Loretta Napoleoni @ Gaurdian Unlimited
"Money is terrorism's lifeline. Economics, not politics or ideology, is the armed struggle's universal engine. This is the unexpected and disconcerting scenario unveiled by an economic analysis of modern terrorism..." 11.3.03 Read | Discuss
Germs that Build Circuits
Peter Fairley @ IEEE Spectrum Online
"By the time you read this, there's a good chance a virus has built a transistor. Last July, a crowd of microbiologists in New York City heard materials scientist Angela Belcher make a bold prediction: within six months..." 11.3.03 Read | Discuss
Single Tip Smashes Child Porn Ring
Matthew Clark @
"Thanks to a single tip-off to a hotline a year ago, one of the biggest child pornography rings was smashed last week in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt..." 10.14.03 Read | Discuss
SARS and Slammer: Two Bugs and Connectivity
Dan Ingevaldson @ Computerworld
"It has been said that we're all but food for the worms. In the rush to create a worldwide network, we have once again rendered ourselves food for worms, albeit an entirely different kind of worm..." 10.14.03 Read | Discuss
Major Power Outage Hits New York, Other Large Cities
Article @ CNN
"Power began to flicker on late Thursday evening, hours after a major power outage struck simultaneously across dozens of cities in the eastern United States and Canada..." 8.14.03 Read | Discuss
Selling War Marketers Weigh in on How Well Bush Is Branding the Battle with Iraq
Noel C. Paul @ abc news
"When Jack Trout began working for the State Department last fall, most political commentators were arguing that war with Iraq was inevitable. So, too, was an ultimate U.S. victory, they said..." 3.27.03 Read | Discuss
Expect Cyber-Catastrophe, Says Bush Advisor
Ellen Messmer @ PC World
"...Howard Schmidt, President Bush's advisor on cyber-security, predicted that networks operated in the United States and abroad are likely to be brought down by catastrophic events unless security greatly improves." 7.9.02 Read | Discuss

Artifacts  11.12.03

Mark Lombardi: Global Networks
Exhibition at the Drawing Center
ThumbnailA page describing a retrospective of Mark Lombardi's work, which "presents 25 of the artist's complex and prescient diagrammatic drawings that map secretive financial and political relationships..." 11.12.03 Read | Discuss

Sources  10.14.03

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