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9.11: The Mimetic War of Images  10.8.01

"The air war started with a split-screen war of images: in one box, a desolate Kabul seen through..." Read | Discuss

Analysis  10.6.01

Imaging the Real, Struggling for Meaning
David Campbell
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The Absence of Meaning: Trauma and the Events of 11 September
Jenny Edkins
"For me one photograph stands out insistently from the coverage of 11 September. That image is not the aircraft slicing into the towers, nor the collapsing buildings themselves. It is the picture of witnesses to the collapse standing with their..." 10.5.01 Read | Discuss
Images, Imaging, Imagination
Annick T.R. Wibben
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Now Rolling...
Bernie Heidkamp @ PopPolitics
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A Public Flooded with Images from Friend and Foe Alike
Caryn James @ NY Times
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This Time the Scene Was Real Neal
Gabler @ NY Times
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Why We Watch
Alana Kumbier @ PopPolitics
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American Life Turns into a Bad Jerry Bruckheimer Movie
@ The Onion
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The Trauma to Come
Lauren Sandler @ Salon
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Ashes to Ashes
Christopher Ketcham @ Salon
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Clippings  9.29.01
In New War on Terrorism, Words Are Weapons, Too
Celestine Bohlen @ New York Times
"The title of his show is 'Politically Incorrect,' which, until recently, was politically acceptable. But in a time when public discourse is constrained by barriers of taste, propriety and patriotism, the comments on Sept. 17 by the late-night talk show host Bill Maher..." 9.29.01 Read | Discuss
White House Whitewashers
Jake Tapper @ Salon
"Bush staffers chastise NBC for a Clinton interview, Fleischer whacks Maher and the Bush-was-in-danger story falls apart. Tension mounts between the White House and the media... this White House has developed a particularly tense, mutually distrustful relationship..." 9.27.01 Read | Discuss
Terrorism, Television and the Rage for Vengeance
Norman Solomon @ AlterNet
"We stare at TV screens and try to comprehend the suffering in the aftermath of terrorism. Much of what we see is ghastly and all too real; terrible anguish and sorrow. At the same time, we're witnessing an onslaught of media deception. "The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing," Aldous Huxley observed long ago..." 9.13.01 Read | Discuss