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9.11: Dreams, Lies and Videotapes  

"The recently released Osama Bin Laden home videotape featured dream interpretations and..." Read | Discuss

Analysis  1.10.02

Narratives of Revenge
Mark Lacy, University of Sussex
"Writing about visual propaganda in the fascist public sphere, Paul Gilroy writes of the 'specularization' of national identity, exploring the ideas of intellectuals -- such as Walter Benjamin -- who first began to explore the role of visual culture in the 'aestheticization' and 'theatricalization' of politics." 1.10.02 Read | Discuss
Clippings  12.16.01
Bin Laden Videotape Was Result of a Sting: The CIA May Have Set Up the Terrorist Leader to Incriminate Himself
Ed Vulliamy and Jason Burke @ The Observer
"Three months after the nation watched in horror as the World Trade Center collapsed on live television, Americans disrupted their days again to view a grainy videotape of Mr. bin Laden bragging and laughing about the attacks. Teachers scrapped lesson plans and snapped on sets in schools. Shoppers stopped in electronics stores to read the closed-captioned translation from the Arabic. Workers on the West Coast were late to the office as they lingered to watch and listen to the tape played over and over on the 24- hour news channels..." 12.16.01 Read | Discuss
Vanity Foul
Maureen Dowd @ NY Times
"But these forms of egotism are piddling compared with the grandiosity of religiosity displayed by Osama bin Laden on the tape released by the White House last week, cloaking conceit in asceticism and mass murder in spirituality. We knew his vanity was vesuvial when, moments after U.S. bombs first fell in Afghanistan, it turned out that Osama already had a tape in the can for Al Jazeera so he could duel with President Bush for airtime." 12.16.01 Read | Discuss
The War for Opinion: Despite Video, Arabs Remain Suspicious of U.S. War Effort
Neil MacFarquhar @ NY Times
"The United States faces an uphill battle in using the latest videotape of Osama bin Laden to influence public opinion in the Arab world, where Washington's support for Israel over the Palestinians dominates news coverage and the public tends to regard the fight to dismantle Al Qaeda as something of an American problem." 12.15.01 Read | Discuss
Arabs Divided over Bin Laden Tape: Some Arabs are Convinced the Tape is Fake
Frank Gardner @ BBC
"Arabs are divided over the authenticity of the videotape released by the Pentagon that allegedly proves that Osama Bin Laden is guilty of the terror attacks on the United States. The United Arab Emirates Government said the tape confirmed that Bin Laden was behind the 11 September attacks on Washington and New York, and that Arabs should punish his organization, al-Qaeda..." 12.14.01 Read | Discuss
The Home Movie of Hate: The Men Whose Dreams Create A World Of Nightmares
Philip Kennicott @ Washington Post
"There was the dream of the soccer game, the karate dream, the dream of the airplane, huge and lumbering, carried on one man's back. We speak loosely of a great national nightmare, but they speak concretely of dreams, visions and omens. Perhaps the most surreal thing about the videotape of Osama bin Laden and his associates discussing the attacks of Sept. 11 is the convergence of modern technology with ancient prognostication." 12.14.01 Read | Discuss
Washington Post Posts Bin Laden Video
Karen DeYoung and Charles Babington @ Washington Post
"The Post's Karen DeYoung joins's Charles Babington to discuss the videotape of Osama bin Laden released by the Pentagon." 12.14.01 Read | Discuss

Sources  12.13.01

Transcript of Usama Bin Landen Video Tape @ DefenseLink