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Ground Zero: Technologies of Terror, Security, and Virtuality

The events of 9/11 brought us face to face with terror -- and much more. 9/11 profoundly challenged the 'groundedness' of security in the over-developed territorial state with a single act of asymmetrical violence. Its rapid elevation by information technologies, from 'ground zero' to global crisis, suggests that 9/11 represents something new. Is 9/11 the 'first war of the 21st century', a virtual event, or the dark side of the radical contingency of globalization? What will make us safe against the 'global terror network'? Can technology?

Moderator: James Der Derian, Watson Institute

Carol Cohn, Wellesley
Daniel Deudney, Johns Hopkins University
John MacArthur, Harper's
Robert D. Steele, OSS.NET

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James Der Derian remarks "the great catastrophe of 9.11 was not an asymmetrical act of violence, but in many ways an asymmetrical act of dreaming."



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