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The purpose of
this interdisciplinary symposium is to question -- philosophically, strategically, ethically -- the role of 'technology' in terror. Participants from different backgrounds -- academic, military and media -- will investigate the impact of technology on three forms of global terror emerging from 9/11: terror as a networked strategy of symbolic violence, coercive intimidation and political fear; anti-terror as a state reaction of deterrence, disruption and destruction of terrorism; and counter-terror as a transnational response of preventive media, disciplinary surveillance, and criminal justice. While the emphasis is on the role of information technologies in each form of terror, technology is broadly defined to include technical as well as symbolic systems of producing, processing, and distributing knowledge and power. The purpose is not to question technology as a neutral instrument but as a constructive, destructive and transformative force in contemporary international relations.

Discussion Board

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Ground Zero: Technologies
of Terror, Security and Virtuality

War of Networks: Realtime,
Primetime, and the Internet


The Technological Revolution in Civilian and Military Affairs

Everyday Terror: Videoconference


Infowar, Cyberwar, and
the War of Dis/simulation

Technologies of Change:
Terrorism, Globalism, Infopeace