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The Technologies of Change: Terrorism, Globalism, and Infopeace

The acceleration of change by technology seems to outpace human means to understand and control its more destructive effects. How do we balance the destructive against the constructive capabilities of technology? Do distinctions between politics and war, and between state violence and terrorism, help or hinder efforts to think about political violence in a register beyond good and evil? To the extent that techniques of counterterrorism affect, instruct, and confine the actions of citizens, should counterterrorism be analyzed as a technology of citizenship? What is the transformative potential of information technology for peace? What political variety can we imagine existing in a world of peace, and how might information technology be used to secure and defend it? From whom, and against what?

Moderator: Annick T.R. Wibben, Watson Institute

Neta Crawford, Watson Institute
Larry George, Calif. State University, Long Beach
Lon Troyer, University of California, Berkeley
Maja Zehfuss, University of Warwick

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Annick Wibben concludes with a request that academics pay attention to daily experience.



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