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Counterterror > Infowar, Cyberwar

Infowar, Cyberwar,
and the War of Dis/simulation

In an information age, power networks are ever more congruent with knowledge and entertainment networks. If truth is the first casualty in war, what are the costs of infowar? Is cyberwar a threat to national security -- or to civil liberties? What are the consequences when Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Washington join the war on terror? In the battlespace of representations, is this an American, Western, or universal war?

Moderator: Wendy Chun, Brown University

Brahma Chellaney, Centre for Policy Research
Dorothy E. Denning, Georgetown University
Lene Hansen, Copenhagen University
William C. Martel, Naval War College

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During her concluding remarks, Wendy Chun asks us to "interrogate technology more rigorously."


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