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Video clips from the symposium and panel chairs. A documentary of the symposium is forthcoming. QuickTime plugin required. Best viewed via a broadband connection.

James Der Derian introduces some of the symposium's key concepts. Panel: Ground Zero

Keynote speaker Bruce Sterling explains the topology of the "War on Terror."

Former UNSCOM Chief Inspector Scott Ritter examines the U.S.'s complex relationship to Iraq.





John Santos of the Ford Foundation talks networks. Panel: War of Networks
Ron Deibert examines the "Revolution in Military Affairs." Panel: Tech. Revolution

Annick Wibben discusses the prospects for infopeace rather than infowar. Panel: Tech. of Change

James Der Derian talks about the role of imagination in 9.11. Panel: Ground Zero

The Everyday Terror panel discusses the role of representation in 9.11.

Wendy Chun asks that we "examine technology more rigorously." Panel: Infowar, Cyberwar

John Santos states the need for an interdisciplinary approach to International Relations. Panel: War of Networks

Thomas keenan asks us to "respect the fuzziness" of contemporary conflict. Panel: Everyday Terror

Annick Wibben concludes with a request that academics pay attention to experience. Panel: Tech. of Change


Ron Deibert questions the notion of security in a "hyper-mediated environment." Panel: Tech. Revolution



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