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1.a. Possessed of certain physical virtues or capacities; effective in respect of inherent natural qualities or powers; capable of exerting influence by means of such qualities.
3.a. Capable of producing a certain effect or result; effective, potent, powerful.
g. Computers. Not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so from the point of view of the program or the user.

The following are links you might follow when thinking about the question of the virtual. They have been collected from suggestions provided by invited participants

Ctheory is a collective which publishes online critiques of digital, modern and contemporary culture, politics, economy and life.

Info war or electronic saber rattling?


Network-Centric Warfare: It's Origin and Future

The Power Foundation
The power foundation is a loose association of thinkers, writers, and individuals concerned to interrogate the ways in which we're all governed.

Q&A With VRML Co-Creator Mark Pesce

U.S. Army goes Hollywood for high-tech training

Wired Colletions: Future of War

Year 2000 International Security Dimension Project

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