Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University

Media of symposium

MP3 audio files of most of the symposium panels are now available in the Media section.

Global networks transmit harm as quickly as good with important implications for security. InfoTechWarPeace launches a year-long investigation into the global risks of interconnectivity and new forms of global governance to identify, manage, and reduce those risks. Throughout 2004-2005, the project will sponsor a series of seminars, keynote lectures, and web interventions revolving around its research, beginning with a symposium on "The Power and Pathology of Networks" and an international, multimedia exhibition titled "I love you [rev.eng]."

The symposium and exhibition have been funded through the support of the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, Cisco Systems, and the Malcolm S. Forbes Center for Research in Culture and Media Studies.

Symposium Organizers

James Der Derian, Watson Institute
Annick T. R. Wibben, Watson Institute
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Modern Culture and Media Department, Brown University

Exhibition Curator

Franziska Nori,

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More about “I love you [rev.eng]”

“I love you [rev.eng]” is the first exhibition worldwide dedicated to the phenomena of computer security and computer viruses. The exhibition is conceived and presented by the Kulturbüro.

“I love you [rev.eng]” is divided into four investigative areas—cultural, political, technical, and historical—and focuses on the divergent positions of security experts and hackers, net artists and programmers, and literature experts and code poets. The exhibition examines: What actually is a computer vir us? Who creates them and why? What sort of world is hiding behind these everyday phenomena? Go to the exhibition website for more.

What will visitors experience when they come to “I love you [rev.eng]”?

  • Force computers to crash with “Sasser” or “Suicide”
  • Experience a global virus outbreak in real time via a 3D world
  • View security concepts and methods for preventing global network attacks
  • Witness computer viruses as works of art like “” and “The Lovers”
  • See films by hackers on their subculture
  • Learn about programming languages as the material for contemporary poetry
  • Juxtapose experimental literature and code poetry

Participating artists

  • 0100101110101101.ORG
  • epidemiC
  • Sneha Solanki
  • Caleb Waldorf
  • Jaromil
  • Florian Cramer

Featured video work

  • New York City Hackers by Stig-Lennard Soernsen
  • Hippies from Hell by Ine Poppe
  • Thebroken by Kevin Rose and Dan Huard (a.k.a. double_d)
  • Freedom Downtime by Emmanuel Goldstein (a.k.a. Eric Corley)