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If you are a member of the press and would like a high resolution version of the Press Kit, photos, video clips, or other materials, please contact Co-Investigator Annick T. R. Wibben at Annick_Wibben@brown.edu, 401 863.7431; or Nancy Soukup at Nancy_Soukup@brown.edu, 401 863.3438. Below is a sampling of recent buzz.

James Der Derian
· New York Times: Interviewed on Virtual War Gaming [ Press Release ]
· WBEZ Chicago Public Radio: Interviewed on Odyssey [ Press Release ]
· BBC World News: Interviewed on InfoWar and Iraq [ Press Release ]
· The Guardian: Interviewed for "War on the Web," by Jim McClellan [ Press Release ]
· SSRC: "911: Before, After, and in Between"
· High Times: "Collateral Brain Damage"
· The Providence Journal: "Art of War after 911" [ Press Release ]
· MSNBC: "Big Media and the Big Story," by Johnnie L. Roberts
· New York Times: "The Illusion of a Grand Strategy"
· Los Angeles Times: "Coming to an Army Near You," by Dana Calvo

· The September 11 Digital Archive

· Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media Entertainment Network, by Jeff Huber, United States Naval Institute

After 911

·Austria's Springerin magazine gives After 9/11 high praise [Press Release]
· The College Hill Independent: "Terror in the Information Age"

911+1 The Perplexities of Securities: Multimedia Exhibition and Forum
· The College Hill Independent: "+1"
· The Brown Daily Herald: "911+1 Exhibit Examines a new Security-Obsessed United States"
· The Brown Daily Herald: "Admiral defines ‘new kind of war’"
· The Brown Daily Herald: "’911+1’ lecturer says Palestinian suicide bombings can be ‘morally rationalized’"
· The Brown Daily Herald: "Pundits urge US to adopt multilateral approach to fighting terror"
· The Brown Daily Herald: "Multimedia Memory" [Editorial]
· The Brown Daily Herald: "Watson Institute provides diverse views on international affairs" [Letter to the editor]
· The Brown Daily Herald: "Der Derian wrong in believing that terror can be rationalized without controversy" [Letter to the editor]
· The Brown Alumni Magazine: "Remembrance"
· Brown University News Service: "University will observe first anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks"
· The Providence Journal: "Art of War after 911" [ Press Release ]

911 InfoInterventions
· The September 11 Digital Archive
· The RMA Debate
· International Relations and Security Network
· Global and International Studies, OSWEGO
· The Journalist’s Toolbox, Media Coverage and Analysis
· Borderlands
· Media and Media Democracy

VY2K Conference
· Brown University News Service: "Conference to examine impact of virtuality on international affairs. Virtual war: Better than the real thing?"


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